Wild life at our flying field

 Look at the link below  . Its a video shot at our field of a Badger being harassed by two foxes . Brilliant !

Bolash was out controlling the rabbit population when he saw this and filmed it through his riffle sites .

Brilliant footage 

Badger fights with foxes - YouTube


 Our BMFA record attempt entrants at the field on Sunday 14th may. we all had a great time . The weather obliged nicely and was brilliant  sun ,warm and hardly any wind . All topped off with tea coffee and cakes from Dave and Hazel and hot food , Hungarian stew followed by Chimney cakes from Imre and his family Thank you all. wwe had a raffle and an auction raising monies for our Air Ambulance charity . £160 to be confirmed , Thanks to everyone who attended and made the day a brilliant one.