Low Attendance at club meetings

 At the last monthly club meeting  (un minuted) the attendance was veru low , only 12 members inc the committe . Some of the committee had other duties they had to attend to and sent their  appologies .

Attendance has been going down over the years but has it seems hit an all time low .

The meetings are I feel an essential part of the clubs activities and allow the members to bring up any concerns about the club, exchange ideas and  info regarding models , building etc and have a drink while  getting   to know other members. 

The club spirit is feel very low at the moment if not broken . Am I just imagining this  ? Or is it still just a hangover of the lockdown periods we have had to endure ? Please let me know your feelings .

We have to pay per session for the use of the Walnut Tree Club  .  At times this seems a bit of awaste with so few comming along each month 

Can we  get back to being a" proper club " or have times moved on ?



Obituary :- Bill Lampard 1940 to 2022

Its with great sadness that i have to tell the club that Bill Lampard passed away yesterday Sunday 15th May 2022.
Bill , affectionately know by his mates as "Puffing Billy " was always a Happy soul even though he was suffering badly with COPD . He was allways willing to help out at the tea bars , at club events or just folding the raffle tickets at the indoor flying and in any way he could at the club.
Bill joined MMFC years ago when his Grandson Sonny wanted to learn to fly. I taught Sonny who picked up flying very quickly but Bill never wanted to learn to fly although he was a keen builder .
Pictured below with one of the many models he built off plans as he would never buy a kit as "in his words it was cheatin"
When he was able he always came down the field to watch the flying and have a chat and never missed a club meeting for a drink and a chin wag.
Sadly a couple of years ago Bill slipped and broke his hip and was not able to get to the field again. he still kept in touch via the phone .
He will be missed at MMFC .

I will update Funeral arrangements when they are announced.

Bill Lampard 1940 to 2022

Gone to watch the flying for ever