Field re-opening Thursday 3rd December inline with Government guidelines

 Hello All MMFC members .

Our flying field will be re-opening on the 3rd of December in line with government guide lines .

You should all have received an email from our club Sec re the the Covid Secure rules .
In case you have not received the e-mail then the main points are.

1, If you feel at all unwell DONT come to the field . STAY AT HOME.

2,Track and Trace . Everyone must email or text Martin when the arrive and when they leave the site .Please do this individually to avoid overlaps .

3, No more than 6 people in the pits .keep your distance from other flyers and one one person per table .

4, Toilet will be closed unless a Committee member is present to make sure its disinfected EVERY time its used including the door lock .

5,Please use common sense and keep your distance if waiting to fly and dont be a Peg Hog and fly for long periods if ther are others waiting to fly.

6, Make sure that BOTH gates are Locked when you leave (last person leaving)

The government keep using the phrase "Rule of six" This means from the same household or support bubble and NOT the same club 😀

Keep well Keep safe and keep your distance .


And now for something completely different !

 Not really . Its that time of year again to start thinking about subs.

Subs , BMFA and your CAA are all due for renewal at the end of December /beginning of January.

although some of you may have already renewed your CAA .

Club subs and BMFA fees remain unchanged for 2021 
Clubs Subs Senior £61 Junior £10 .
BMFA Senior £38 Junior £17 
CAA registration fee £9

Can I ask that if at all possible that you pay your subs etc via bank transfer . cash as a last resort.
it not funny standing in a queue outside a bank with a lot of cash and nobs who wont wear a mask brushing past so transfer if possible please.
Contact either Martin or myself for transfer details  you will also need your Club number on the paying in details . Its on the Club card you were given when you joined  or you can contact me for it.

Please pay as soon as possible as we still have to pay the clubs bills etc and if left too long a re-joining fee of £35 WILL be levied this year. If you really cant afford to pay then contact me in confidence .

And Now For Something Completely Different !

Stay well and safe 


Using field in lock-down was it you ?

 It appears that someone has used the field since Lock-down started or left gates open on Wednesday afternoon/evening before lock-down . 

Last notification for track and trace was mid day Wednesday and confirmed gate was locked .

If anyone has used the field since  then  1. they haven't used track and trace and 2. have broken the no flying in lock-down rule . 

I'm sure that most of us take take the pandemic seriously and are obeying the rules but obviously not all of us .  Many of our members have health issues and need to take care with the Covid issue hence the track and trace set up . Text or e-mail  Martin when you attend the field  at;  or text on ; 07770055709

It serious so if you cant go for a month without flying your model then you really need to find somewhere else to fly as MMFC has no space for you . Locking the  gate is also serious as we don't want to go to the field after lock-down and find a white mobile town there. Again if you cant be bothered to lock the gate or its too much trouble --- go fly somewhere else . 

We value our friends and members and our field so please look after them .

Field closed again due to Lock-down

 Hi all . MMFC flying site is now closed until further notice due to Covid Lock-Down.

Hopefully it will open again on Dec 2nd but will have to wait and see . Please be patient and keep safe and well.