Field re-opening Thursday 3rd December inline with Government guidelines

 Hello All MMFC members .

Our flying field will be re-opening on the 3rd of December in line with government guide lines .

You should all have received an email from our club Sec re the the Covid Secure rules .
In case you have not received the e-mail then the main points are.

1, If you feel at all unwell DONT come to the field . STAY AT HOME.

2,Track and Trace . Everyone must email or text Martin when the arrive and when they leave the site .Please do this individually to avoid overlaps .

3, No more than 6 people in the pits .keep your distance from other flyers and one one person per table .

4, Toilet will be closed unless a Committee member is present to make sure its disinfected EVERY time its used including the door lock .

5,Please use common sense and keep your distance if waiting to fly and dont be a Peg Hog and fly for long periods if ther are others waiting to fly.

6, Make sure that BOTH gates are Locked when you leave (last person leaving)

The government keep using the phrase "Rule of six" This means from the same household or support bubble and NOT the same club 😀

Keep well Keep safe and keep your distance .


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