For those of you who could not make it to the AGM here are the main points .

No change in committee , yes its longer than a life sentence .

Subs increase . The annual subs have been increased from £51 to £61 . Actually the club asked for a £9 increase but one member suggested  increasing  by £10  up to £61 and the majority voted for it ?

BMFA prices remain the same at £38 for a senior member.
£17 for a Junior , £38 for a family Senior £25 for a family partner and £13 for a family Junior.

The CAA registration fee is £9.00

The club will still offer time to pay for any members who have difficulty in paying however they MUST pay their BMFA  fee and the £9 CAA registration fee and take the online BMFA proficiency test or CAA Flyer ID test if they wish to continue flying . These must be paid as soon as possible  between now and January 31st 2020 for continuity of flying .
If you only wish to fly sub 250 g or only fly indoors then you wont have to pay the £9 register or take the test

A new Club membership renewal form will be sent out soon to make life easier for Martin and Myself. When you receive the e-mail print off TWO copies of the form and complete, then return them to me  together with  prefered method of payment . You can also pay this year by bank transfer (BARCS) if you wish
Details on the form .

Ade will send a full report of the AGM later


The CAA and The BMFA have now introduced their online test . They differ slightly in content and are not difficult by any means .

If you do NOT have a BMFA achievement scheme A ,B or C certificate then you MUST take the test on or before the 30th of November 2019 if you wish to continue flying . This test last for three years and The certificate your issued should be carried with you at all times when flying your models as you may be asked to produce it. 
Those of you who only fly indoor models DO NOT have to take any test nor are you required to register.
 As members of the BMFA you will not have to register until you renew your membership in January as the BMFA have negotiated an exemption. Once registered you will be issued a ID number that  you will have to affix to your models . This number will probably be issued in February . The number can be fixed inside the model provided that no special tools are needed to get to the number . (a screw driver is not classed as a special tool ) This number will be sent to you shortly after registering .
On renewal with the club you will also have have to pay the £9 registration fee in addition to the Club subs  and BMFA subs unless you have done your BMFA independently . The £9 CAA  fee  is an Annual Charge .  NB By paying the £9 Charge you agree to the BMFA sharing your details IE Name, Address ,DOB and e-mail address with the CAA.

Our AGM is fast approaching and is on Wednesday 28th November 

we will aim to start at 8pm so do please try to get there . Dont forget we need to have at least twenty per cent of the membership there to be Quorate . Usual place , The Walnut Tree Club  . Medway street Gillingham ME7 1NL

See you there


AGM Wednesday 28th November 8 pm

As per title our agm is fast approaching .
Wednesday 28th November at 8 pm

Do please try and get there . I have it on good authority that all the soaps and other rubbish have been cancelled on the telly that night  Pinochio told me that !!

See you there .

Hello everyone .

As the registration deadline approaches I expect some of you will be looking to take a BMFA "A" test.

If you want to have a try at the test then do have a look at the following videos on You-tube

BMFA "A" test preparation

BMFA "A" test flight

Please have a look and be prepared when you get to the test and don't forget to tell you examiner what you are doing . Practice on a mate at the club and get used to speaking out loud  what you are doing

Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you get the Certificate

I don't know if I'm doing this blogging right! anyway Just ordered a DJI Mavic mini, what's wrong with me!!

Logging into the Club forum

Logging into the forum .

If you copy and paste the following into your browser then when you find the forum "Bookmark it" .

Hope it helps .

PS the forum is also now  on the links page .

Happy landings