For those of you who could not make it to the AGM here are the main points .

No change in committee , yes its longer than a life sentence .

Subs increase . The annual subs have been increased from £51 to £61 . Actually the club asked for a £9 increase but one member suggested  increasing  by £10  up to £61 and the majority voted for it ?

BMFA prices remain the same at £38 for a senior member.
£17 for a Junior , £38 for a family Senior £25 for a family partner and £13 for a family Junior.

The CAA registration fee is £9.00

The club will still offer time to pay for any members who have difficulty in paying however they MUST pay their BMFA  fee and the £9 CAA registration fee and take the online BMFA proficiency test or CAA Flyer ID test if they wish to continue flying . These must be paid as soon as possible  between now and January 31st 2020 for continuity of flying .
If you only wish to fly sub 250 g or only fly indoors then you wont have to pay the £9 register or take the test

A new Club membership renewal form will be sent out soon to make life easier for Martin and Myself. When you receive the e-mail print off TWO copies of the form and complete, then return them to me  together with  prefered method of payment . You can also pay this year by bank transfer (BARCS) if you wish
Details on the form .

Ade will send a full report of the AGM later

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