Firstly and most importantly If you feel unwell in any way DONT come to the flying field and risk spreading anything to your club mates . Stay away until you are sure that its not Covid or until you have isolated for the required time .

Members of MMFC please read and digest the e-mail that Ade will be sending around to you shortly. No details in this message for obvious reasons.
To operate within the new regulations we have prepared a risk assessment and are currently organising a method of track and trace for your visits to the field . This will involve texting or emailing one of our committee members , simply stating your Name and time you arrived and left the field . this will be kept for 21 day in accordance with the regs .
You will get all the details ,phone number and e-mail address in an e-mail shortly . Anyone NOT receiving them within the next couple of days then please contact me or one of the committee for further details . Please co-operate with this and help ensure that flying can continue at MMFC relatively easily without having to book a slot which we are trying to avoid if possible
As from today 14th Sept the toilet will be closed for weekdays and only available on weekends when a committee member will be available to make sure that the appropriate disinfecting has been done . Please bear with us on this as its difficult to get all members singing the same words .
By following the rules Ade will set out then we will be able to keep flying throughout the restrictions unless they are tightened even more then we will review and advise accordingly .
Thanks in advance for your co-operation in these difficult times.

Lock on the main gates AGAIN

 Hello everyone . Gate at the field was found not locked properly Yesterday morning .

Its really not difficult . Make sure the big silver  twin padlock adapter that allows Two Padlocks to be used for different keys is through the gate hasp and in Locked position THEN insert our padlock and lock it . Make sure that the adapter is still locked . Simple .

If anyone really cant work it out we can arrange tuition at one of our  Padlock Locking Classes  for them .

Why am I the only one using this forum ? does anyone read anything on here ?   

HELLO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  silence 💭


Swap-Meet Cancelled due to Covid Restriction
Sorry for any disappointment and hope to reorganise next spring 
see you all then 

Reminder about locking gates

Reminder about locking gates 

Just a reminder about locking the gate at flying field . 

If the double lock adapter  is too difficult for you to work out  then please ask and you will be given tuition ! If you are the last one out then its your responsibility to make sure that the gates are locked . Sorry about moaning AGAIN but gates found open on Tuesday morning. It may have been the solar farm maintenance people and they may have still been on site ; its difficult to see them apart from when they arrive or leave .

Just in case it was one of our members 


Double lock back on main gate

 Hi all. As per title the double lock is back on the main  gate . Please make sure that when you lock the gate it done using  the two lock adapter.and not just with our padlock . This is important as UK Power need access to the site . UK Power have replaced the twin-lock adapter that went missing during the Covid  lock-down .
I have fitted a chain to the adapter so that , hopefully it wont go missing again .

Port-a-Loo back in action

The Port-A-Loo is back in action

The port-a-loo has been serviced and is back in action after the covid  close down . 
There is a spray bottle of disinfectant to spray the flush handle with or any splashes ( gents get a bit closer --it not as long as you think 😉) No prizes for getting a bullseye when aiming .

There is also hand sanitiser supplied . 

Please only use the tissue supplied as the service man get a bit annoyed if tissues etc block his machine when servicing the toilet.

If you cant remember the lock combination then contact me or one of the committee .



Cox engine paraphernalia.

Has anyone found  a box of Cox engine starting paraphernalia ?

Possibly left at our field . Box is an  old plastic ice cream box .

Any help pleas call me 


Anyone know who this belongs too !

Hello Everyone . Sorry but another moan 

The wreckage of a model,pictured below ,was recently found in our field dumped in the hedge near our shed , If anyone knows who the owner might be please have a chat with me the next time we meet. I have checked for any identification marks but cant find any . As you all know leaving any rubbish at the field is against club policy and the culprit if found will be dealt with by the committee. 



Make sure gates are locked if your the last to leave the field

Make sure you lock both gates if you are the last to leave the field .

Last Saturday afternoon the gates were found left unlocked and Sunday afternoon the padlock was found locked onto the second gate and NOT the bolt hasp making it easier to break open .


its you responsibility to make sure that the gates are locked properly .

Re-opening the flying field and Covid field rules

As per the previous update , the field will be open from this weekend provided the gov do not add any restriction that affect us .

 IMPORTANT Covid 19 field rules PLEASE READ
If you feel at all unwell please don't come to the field or  go home straight away
No toilet/portaloo is available during the  present restrictions.

Members are responsible for supplying their own hand sanitiser /hand wipes etc. Please take used wipes etc home with you together with ANY other refuse.  Wearing of masks. gloves etc  is optional.
Please be thoughtful if pilots are waiting to fly. ie; don’t fit 2 gallon fuel tanks !! and fly for hours . Remember the peg hog of yesteryear ?
1.. Members must sanitise hands after opening or closing gates to the field . Usual opening and closing of gates apply ie; Top gate closed at all times. Last one out makes sure ALL gates are locked.
2…Only two pilots to fly on flight-line at any time.  Pilots must keep 3 meters apart . One pilot per pilot box or two if they come from the same household.
3… Members waiting to fly must wait in or by their cars in parking area along fence. No cars in pit area after unloading gear. 
4… Only models that can be flown / started/operated by one person to be used at the field . If a helper is required then model cannot be flown. This includes the  flying of FPV models with a competent observer unless observer is from the same household.
5… No flying whatsoever while any grass cutting or field maintenance is being performed.
6… Training or use of buddy leads. A tricky one. Buddy Leads must be long enough to allow two meter separation for pilots or radio link buddy system used. This could be counted as one pilot box but pilots MUST still keep their appropriate distance.
7… Test flying other members models. This should be only be done if really needed and field conditions allow ie; no pilots queuing up and waiting to fly. Gloves should be worn and hand over of Tx should be done using social distancing. Gloves should be sanitised after handing back Tx etc.
8… No visitors on the field unless from same household then one visitor allowed 
9…Children on the field.  Only children old enough to be able to understand social distancing will be allowed.
10… Control line circle. This can be used in addition to the two pilots on the flight line for the hovering of quads or small helicopters. Anything more than hovering at low altitude then pilots will wait their turn and go to the main flight-line.
11… Any member who deliberately does not comply with these rules may risk losing their club membership
12… The committee reserve the right to close the field without notice if the Covid emergency rules require it.

PS. Please be sensible and if field is crowded which is unlikely please do not hang around but go home and cone back later

PPS sorry its a bit like reading "War and Peace " but all content is needed .
MMFC Committee