And now for something completely different !

 Not really . Its that time of year again to start thinking about subs.

Subs , BMFA and your CAA are all due for renewal at the end of December /beginning of January.

although some of you may have already renewed your CAA .

Club subs and BMFA fees remain unchanged for 2021 
Clubs Subs Senior £61 Junior £10 .
BMFA Senior £38 Junior £17 
CAA registration fee £9

Can I ask that if at all possible that you pay your subs etc via bank transfer . cash as a last resort.
it not funny standing in a queue outside a bank with a lot of cash and nobs who wont wear a mask brushing past so transfer if possible please.
Contact either Martin or myself for transfer details  you will also need your Club number on the paying in details . Its on the Club card you were given when you joined  or you can contact me for it.

Please pay as soon as possible as we still have to pay the clubs bills etc and if left too long a re-joining fee of £35 WILL be levied this year. If you really cant afford to pay then contact me in confidence .

And Now For Something Completely Different !

Stay well and safe 


Using field in lock-down was it you ?

 It appears that someone has used the field since Lock-down started or left gates open on Wednesday afternoon/evening before lock-down . 

Last notification for track and trace was mid day Wednesday and confirmed gate was locked .

If anyone has used the field since  then  1. they haven't used track and trace and 2. have broken the no flying in lock-down rule . 

I'm sure that most of us take take the pandemic seriously and are obeying the rules but obviously not all of us .  Many of our members have health issues and need to take care with the Covid issue hence the track and trace set up . Text or e-mail  Martin when you attend the field  at;  or text on ; 07770055709

It serious so if you cant go for a month without flying your model then you really need to find somewhere else to fly as MMFC has no space for you . Locking the  gate is also serious as we don't want to go to the field after lock-down and find a white mobile town there. Again if you cant be bothered to lock the gate or its too much trouble --- go fly somewhere else . 

We value our friends and members and our field so please look after them .

Field closed again due to Lock-down

 Hi all . MMFC flying site is now closed until further notice due to Covid Lock-Down.

Hopefully it will open again on Dec 2nd but will have to wait and see . Please be patient and keep safe and well.



Obituary: Reg Bell

 I have the sad news that Reg Bell who many of the club new past away on the 15th of October

Reg was very quiet helpful member of the club who in the past enjoyed representing the club at glider competitions. Reg still enjoyed his gliders and also enjoyed a scale model.

Reg was a member of MMFC for many years apart from a short break a few years ago and always attended any club function or work parties when he possibly could .

I often met Reg during the week when cutting the patch and would always give a hand by taking away the cutting .

Reg will be missed in the club . Our thoughts are with his family and his wife Yvonne.

Reg Bell 

Gone Flying Forever

I will post any other information if I receive any 

Obituary ; Steve Grimes

I have just had the sad news , 25th September , that another of our long time members Steve Grimes passed away this morning in Pembury hospital . He had been admitted after a fall at home
Our Thought are with his partner Judith .
I will add more details as soon as I get them .
Steve Grimes 
____    -  -   :  25-09-2020
 Gone Flying Forever 



Firstly and most importantly If you feel unwell in any way DONT come to the flying field and risk spreading anything to your club mates . Stay away until you are sure that its not Covid or until you have isolated for the required time .

Members of MMFC please read and digest the e-mail that Ade will be sending around to you shortly. No details in this message for obvious reasons.
To operate within the new regulations we have prepared a risk assessment and are currently organising a method of track and trace for your visits to the field . This will involve texting or emailing one of our committee members , simply stating your Name and time you arrived and left the field . this will be kept for 21 day in accordance with the regs .
You will get all the details ,phone number and e-mail address in an e-mail shortly . Anyone NOT receiving them within the next couple of days then please contact me or one of the committee for further details . Please co-operate with this and help ensure that flying can continue at MMFC relatively easily without having to book a slot which we are trying to avoid if possible
As from today 14th Sept the toilet will be closed for weekdays and only available on weekends when a committee member will be available to make sure that the appropriate disinfecting has been done . Please bear with us on this as its difficult to get all members singing the same words .
By following the rules Ade will set out then we will be able to keep flying throughout the restrictions unless they are tightened even more then we will review and advise accordingly .
Thanks in advance for your co-operation in these difficult times.

Lock on the main gates AGAIN

 Hello everyone . Gate at the field was found not locked properly Yesterday morning .

Its really not difficult . Make sure the big silver  twin padlock adapter that allows Two Padlocks to be used for different keys is through the gate hasp and in Locked position THEN insert our padlock and lock it . Make sure that the adapter is still locked . Simple .

If anyone really cant work it out we can arrange tuition at one of our  Padlock Locking Classes  for them .

Why am I the only one using this forum ? does anyone read anything on here ?   

HELLO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  silence 💭


Swap-Meet Cancelled due to Covid Restriction
Sorry for any disappointment and hope to reorganise next spring 
see you all then 

Reminder about locking gates

Reminder about locking gates 

Just a reminder about locking the gate at flying field . 

If the double lock adapter  is too difficult for you to work out  then please ask and you will be given tuition ! If you are the last one out then its your responsibility to make sure that the gates are locked . Sorry about moaning AGAIN but gates found open on Tuesday morning. It may have been the solar farm maintenance people and they may have still been on site ; its difficult to see them apart from when they arrive or leave .

Just in case it was one of our members 


Double lock back on main gate

 Hi all. As per title the double lock is back on the main  gate . Please make sure that when you lock the gate it done using  the two lock adapter.and not just with our padlock . This is important as UK Power need access to the site . UK Power have replaced the twin-lock adapter that went missing during the Covid  lock-down .
I have fitted a chain to the adapter so that , hopefully it wont go missing again .