As I said in last month’s newsletter, keep 14th May clear for a big day.

We will be holding our first Swapmeet of the year, but will also be joining in with the BMFA Record Attempt for this year, adding our model fleet to the number on the day. To add to the day, our Hungarian friends are cooking up a storm for us early afternoon, with a special soup and something called chimney cake!! Can’t wait to try those.

As it will be a busy day, the Swapmeet will start at 9.00am rather than 10.00am, to allow sellers and buyers to sell and buy early and give us the time the record attempt at 12.00 noon, to be followed by a club fly in and the food!

Immy Babrian will be organising the record attempt and we ask that all those who want to take part be there around 10.30am to register, be checked out and take part in the short briefing to make ready. The maximum number of models safely in the air at 12.00 noon is what we need to achieve to add our contribution to what, I am sure, will be another world record.

We will be inviting flyers from other clubs to join in, if their clubs are not looking to participate themselves.

There will be tea, coffee and biscuits, provided by the excellent Hazel and Dave Leigh, so no need to die of thirst whilst you are taking part!

To summarise:

8.30am Gates open for sellers

9.00am Swapmeet open for buyers

10.30am Pilot registration and briefing.

12.00 noon THE big moment when we fill the skies with fixed wings, helicopters, drones, rubber powered and chuck gliders, as well as anything else that flies and will count.

2.00pm Food and fly in for participants and the rest of the day to enjoy.

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