MMFC Subs 2022

Hi everyone .
Its that time of year again ............unfortunately i'm talking about Club subs .
If you haven't yet paid please read on . If you have paid already then thanks for prompt payment and ignore this message.
Subs are due on January 1st . You can pay now if you wish but please dont leave it too late as collecting subs is not easy and we like to get it done as soon as possible and hopefully by the middle of January .
Subs remain unchanged for 2021 @ £61 . BMFA has increased slightly to £40 so a payment of £101 if you wish the club to pay your BMFA .
Bank Transfer is prefered but cash or checks will be ok as a last resort . You can give them to me at the field (if weather is ok ) at a club meeting or post or deliver them to me at my home .If you need bank transfer details or my address then please cal or message me .
As usual If anyone is have difficulty in paying their subs please contact me in confidence to protect your place in the club.
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

AGM 2021 and Stuff

 As all MMFC members hould be aware the AGM was held last Wednesday at the Walnut tree Club Gillingham . The meeting was not as well attended as AGM's usually are but we decided to go ahead anyway as we missed last years AGM altogether . No changes to the committee ,they had another year added to their sentence ! No change to annual subs they remain the same at £61 a year . A few things were discussed and will be forwarded to members in an email by our sectretary Ade later . Subs can now be paid for 2022 . Please use the bank transfer where possible . so Subs and BMFA membership will cost £101 a year (BMFA went up by £2 ) . If you need to know bank transfer details or arrange alternative type of payment then please contact me by email or see me at the field . Subs can be paid to me in cash or by cheque as a last resort . as Usual pleasearrange your own CAA either through the BMFA or direct with the CAA.

For those that havent already done so , please take time to look at and take the RCC (registration competency Certificate ) that can be found on the BMFA website or online .

Also PLEASE NOTE . The december club meeting will be an ordinary club meeting (No buffet etc) and will be held on Wednesday 15th December usual time

Reminder about Dodgy cheap servos on sale on line .

 Hi all . As per title , it a reminder for older members and a warning for newer flyers NOT to buy any dodgy cheap servos sold on line on well known auction site .  If the price looks too good to be true it will be . A fellow club mate who has just come back to model flying after some years off fell foul of these dangerous servos and it cost him his model !

They are often sold as Futaba or  Tower Pro but there are copies of other makes out there. The priceis a giveaway . £10 for 4 posted !  You will losea model if you use these or could injure yourself or someone else .

The actual servos at a glance look like Futaba or TowerPro but on closer inspection  have hard shiny cheap plastic cases with very poor detail like CE marks and "Made in Tiawan " very badly molded. The sticker are often on crooked . Internals are rubbish and apart from crashng your model could catch fire . 


Complaints at club meeting And AGM Notice Wednesday 24th November

 Hi all . I dont like to do our dirty washing in public but I feel I have no choice this time as the culprit needs to know we are after them .

At last nights meeting I had a couple of complaints re the field facilities !!!

It appears that someone who obviously missed out on toilet training has used the portaloo and left it in a disgusting state , not flushed or cleaned . PLEASE note. The portaloo is for emergency use not an extention of your home If you leave yor home toilet in that condition you whoever you are can stay at home and learn to clean it before using the club portaloo again !
Tables left up and rubbish . Tables put ther for you convenience have been left up and various bits of rubbish are continually left in the pits . Fold the tables down before you leave as they are less prone to damage from vandals and weather when folded . So again whoever it is leave the field as we, the club would like to find it please !
Last complaint. The chain on the gate to the field is supposed to go around the post so as to LOCK the gate ! Its no good locking the padlock to the chain and leaving the bloody gate undone ! LOCK the gates !!!!
**AGM is this month (Last Wednesday ) Please try to get there as we need 25 members plus the committee to be quorate.

**Due to the Extraordinary circumstances we have had over the last couple of years due to Covid , the AGM will go ahead even if the attendance is low . We appreciate that some members may feel uncomfortable attending but we must try to get club business completed .Thanks for your understanding .

If you wish to be on the committee , have any questions or queries to raise at the AGM then please send them to the Club Secretarty , Ade Hawley , two weeks before the AGM.
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Individual Christmas cakes . Proceeds to macmillan Nurses and Air Ambulance

 Hi all. As some of you know  my wife Jane makes individual Christmas cakes and each year she does a different design. last year was supposed to be the last year as it has taken over our kitchen and part of the house some years. Due to quite a few requests she has decided to make some for this year .

Pic below .

They cost £4 each and all the profits will be shared beteen the macmilan Nurses and the Air Ambulance .

If interested then please contact me asap so she has idea of numbers and designs wanted.


Phil Fearn

Flying show this weekend September 17th to19th

 Hi all . Just had a phone call from Dave at Barton Point MFC. They are having a fly-in this weekend with some of the show circuit flyers doing their stuff.

You wont be able to fly but if you fancy a day out they will be flying on Friday Saturday and Sunday . There will also be camping for the weekend if you feel inclined
Might see you there on Saturday ?

Obituary : Dave Ellsmore ( Smokey Dave ) gone flying forever.


 Just had a call  from Rob Stuart that Dave  Ellsmore ( Smokey Dave ) passed away suddenly  early this morning .Dave was a member of  Bartons Point and was a member our club for a couple of years some time ago . He was always at our swapmeets etc .I dont ahve any funeral details yet but will put them on here as and when I get them 

Smokey Dave gone flyin forever .

Indoor Flying this autmn and winter 2021 to 2022

We have  now had confirmation of our bookings for indoor flying  at Meadow Park ( Black Lion) this comming autumn/winter.


Prices have been increased unfortunately so we have had to pass this on as the events are run to raise funds  for the Air Ambulance  charity and not for profit.

Flying session will now cost £10 for the 5 hours 

BMFA cover MUST be shown if not an MMFC member

Viewing only £ 1.00

Parking is included but please read below .

PARKING . Dont pay at the parking machines as you Wont get a refund . Instead register your cars registration number at reception for free /included parking.

Still a bargain as other indoor venues cost similar for 3 hours 

The dates are as follows :-

Sunday October    17th   2021

SundayNovember 21st   2021


Sunday January    23rd  2022

Sunday February  13th  2022

Sunday March      20th  2022

Sunday April        24th  2022

Sessions run from 10 am to 3 pm 

We hope to have a raffle and  there will be a free bring and buy table ( if you sell any item then please put a small donation into the Air Ambulance box) .

Please come along and help us  support the Air Ambulance and have a good flying session .

As always be Covid sensible .

See you there .

Jim "Jimbo" Bradley sadly passed away on Monday 2nd August 2021 .

Jim was a member of Medway MFC and Bartons Point MFC for years and was well known around the meetings .
Always happy and always had a smile . He will be missed .

Jim Bradley " Jimbo" Gone flying for ever .

Jim's funeral will be held on Thursday 26th August at Bobbing Creamatorium

Only family and close friends .

No flowers please but should anyone wish to make a donation then please make them to a Childrens cancer Hospice like Demelza House .

Swap-meet this Sunday 8th August

 We will be holding the Swap-meet Boot-sale this comming Sunday the 8th at our Stickfast flying site .

The forcast is not the best but if its just showers then we should be ok.

The previous storms predicted on the day were a non  event and we could have gone ahead but hey ho .

If Weather is really bad then obviously dont bother but if its just showers then we will go ahead.

Everyone welcome . No need to book  Just turn up 

Set up from 9 am starts at 10 am

Hope to see you all there


PS . Dont forget ALL proceeds gpo to the Air Ambulance so please come along and help us support them


The planned swapmeet for Sunday the 25th at our Stickfast flying site has been postponed until Sunday 8th August, as a result of the poor weather forecast.
The BMFA are having a swapmeet at the NFC this month under the present regulations so we should be ok for ours.
Start remains at 10 am set up from 9.30 am. Ends when it ends. No need to book just turn up on the day
Pitches will be £6 and Buyers entry fee will be £1 . There will also be a tea and coffee bar. We will also have a raffle .ALL proceeds will go to the Air Ambulance charity the MMFC has collected for donations for many years now .
Sell that unwanted stuff or come along and buy a bargain .
Club members : there will be normal flying on the day as all the swapmeet will be in the safe area well behind the flight line .
We will probably ask you to keep social distancing etc .
We may possibly hold an auction at the end of the meeting .

Please try to attend and tell you friends and help us help the Air Ambulance 

Work party this coming Sunday 13th June

 As per title we are having a work party this coming Sunday 13th June . starting at 10 ish .

 Strictly NO FLYING until WP is finished , not even a drone so dont ask .

Please bring any tools you can inc wheelbarrow , strimmers ,shears , spades ,shuvle or a stiff broom . Martin is making the tea .

Many hands make light work so please dont leave it to the same few .

See you there.



PS  Hello    Hello     Hello     Hello  Hello 

 Is anyone there .........................? 

If anyone does read this then please post something 

A plea for club instructors .


Hi all. As per title . We need fixed wing instructors to help with new members . 

Now that the restrictions are being lifted its a bit of a struggle trying to get the "Club" side of things going again . It as if the pandemic caused the heels to fall off everything !
Now we are open again we have had a few enquiries from new members who need some help with the basics from set up to actual flying .You will need to be a competent flier, able to set up a basic buddy system or advise on suitable radio for teaching etc. If you not sure then we can help you .
 Can any of you that are at a stage where you think you can help new fliers please
 Contact either myself , Ade or Gary.

 We hope to arrange a day at the field  to have a meeting ( socially distanced and all covid precautions taken  of course ) so that all instructors are working from the same set of rules .


Ken Denyer RIP. 

I have received the sad news that Ken Denyer passed away a few days ago.
Ken was a good club member serving on the committee for many years and was always involved in club activities
He was until a few years ago a prolific builder ans
some of his builds were .......interesting ! We would spend hours trimming them etc but they always flew in the end .At one stage ken was the club supplier of foam wings and made a good job them especially replacements for Wot 4's and Acro-Wot wings. The hard part was getting him to take anything for making them . He was also our grounds man for many years , keeping the patch in good order end clearing the sheep mess into his late 70's. Yes , many of you wont remember the 100 plus sheep that we shared the field with .
His wife Win (Winifred) died a few months ago and Ken then went into a home . Sadly due to the pandemic none of us could visit him .
Ken will , I am sure be remembered and missed by all who new him for his impeccable integrity, sharp wit and quick no nonsense reply .
Ken Denyer .

Gone Flying forever.

I will post any other details as and when I get them.


Yes the field is finally open again 

Before you go just a reminder of a few things 
We are operating a Covid secure system.
If you feel at all unwell DONT come to the field.
On arrival text Martin your name and again when you leave for the track-and-trace system if its  required. 
Observe social distancing and wear a mask if you are near a group .
Please supply your own sanitiser etc 
Toilet will remain closed until we can get it serviced and arrange a disinfectant spray .
In the unlikely event that the field becomes very busy keep well spread out and move your gear if asked to by a committee member 

Please also be aware that the field is still very boggy in places  .Test before driving on to the grass. Only drive along to the shed , this appears to be quite firm and check thoroughly  before driving to the pits to unload . WE HAVE NO MEANS TO EXTRACT A STUCK CAR > Your are on your own if you get stuck