MMFC Subs 2022

Hi everyone .
Its that time of year again ............unfortunately i'm talking about Club subs .
If you haven't yet paid please read on . If you have paid already then thanks for prompt payment and ignore this message.
Subs are due on January 1st . You can pay now if you wish but please dont leave it too late as collecting subs is not easy and we like to get it done as soon as possible and hopefully by the middle of January .
Subs remain unchanged for 2021 @ £61 . BMFA has increased slightly to £40 so a payment of £101 if you wish the club to pay your BMFA .
Bank Transfer is prefered but cash or checks will be ok as a last resort . You can give them to me at the field (if weather is ok ) at a club meeting or post or deliver them to me at my home .If you need bank transfer details or my address then please cal or message me .
As usual If anyone is have difficulty in paying their subs please contact me in confidence to protect your place in the club.
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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