Using field in lock-down was it you ?

 It appears that someone has used the field since Lock-down started or left gates open on Wednesday afternoon/evening before lock-down . 

Last notification for track and trace was mid day Wednesday and confirmed gate was locked .

If anyone has used the field since  then  1. they haven't used track and trace and 2. have broken the no flying in lock-down rule . 

I'm sure that most of us take take the pandemic seriously and are obeying the rules but obviously not all of us .  Many of our members have health issues and need to take care with the Covid issue hence the track and trace set up . Text or e-mail  Martin when you attend the field  at;  or text on ; 07770055709

It serious so if you cant go for a month without flying your model then you really need to find somewhere else to fly as MMFC has no space for you . Locking the  gate is also serious as we don't want to go to the field after lock-down and find a white mobile town there. Again if you cant be bothered to lock the gate or its too much trouble --- go fly somewhere else . 

We value our friends and members and our field so please look after them .

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