Low Attendance at club meetings

 At the last monthly club meeting  (un minuted) the attendance was veru low , only 12 members inc the committe . Some of the committee had other duties they had to attend to and sent their  appologies .

Attendance has been going down over the years but has it seems hit an all time low .

The meetings are I feel an essential part of the clubs activities and allow the members to bring up any concerns about the club, exchange ideas and  info regarding models , building etc and have a drink while  getting   to know other members. 

The club spirit is feel very low at the moment if not broken . Am I just imagining this  ? Or is it still just a hangover of the lockdown periods we have had to endure ? Please let me know your feelings .

We have to pay per session for the use of the Walnut Tree Club  .  At times this seems a bit of awaste with so few comming along each month 

Can we  get back to being a" proper club " or have times moved on ?



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