Club Subs renewals for 2020

Hi All. We are now accepting renewals for 2020 .
As you are probably aware the subs have been increased for 2020 to £61 to cover ever increasing costs like rent etc
membership must be completed by the end of January.
If you are having difficulties paying subs etc then do give me a call. Club subs can be spread out but to fly lawfully and comply with your insurance the BNFA and CAA fee will have to be paid in January 2020 If you cant pay this then please contact me. so that  you dont loose your place in the club or asked to pay a re-joining fee .
You should all have received an renewal form via E-mail . We have introduced this to make it easier for our treasurer Martin and myself . The introduction of CAA registration and online payments (BARCS) has meant this form is needed . For 2020 we ask that you purchase your own CAA registration and the optional BMFA card/discount card via the BMFA as no facility has been included on the BMFA portal as yet to include payment for these together  with your BMFA renewal in a bulk payment system .Visit the BMFA homepage for details or call the BMFA on 0116 2440028 and pay by card . Alternatively you can visit your  BMFA membership portal .

Any problem with the Renewal form or CAA registration then give ADE or myself a call or e-mail us .


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