As you are probably aware by now the government has increased its response to the Covid-19 threat to a near lock-down as of yesterday evening 23/3 .

We at MMFC  now have  close the field for model flying until further notice . Saying its you daily exercise or essential business etc wont really wash with an angry masked up police officer so please stay at home and stay safe and help the NHS to cope .

The BMFA latest update IMO just confuses the issue as  a simple "Stay at home unless its essential in line with Gov directive" would suffice.

I hope you all stay safe and well , that includes not breathing in too much balsa dust and cyano fumes , cough cough ,its different type of cough honest !;from your latest creation . Try and keep occupied as best you can and free  plans can be found at ;  and probably more sites .
If you are in contact with any other members please inform them of the field  closure .

Finally Anyone who has not paid their subs yet for 2020 can you please do so. A rejoining fee of £35 will be payable from the end of March If you have not contacted me . Despite the lock-down we still have to pay the lease on the field etc so please speak to me /e-mail me  

If you  want to deliver you subs to me at my home please make sure all of your details are included and are in a sealed envelope .

I will for the duration of this lock-down accept PayPal for payment but do make sure you gift it to avoid paying PayPal fees . ring me for details

If you DO NOT  intend to rejoin MMFC then please be good enough let me know and return your key.

I will be isolating for the near future due to underlying health issues. Please feel free to call or e-mail  re any queries about building/covering/engines etc and help keep me sane :-)

Until we meet again keep safe and well .Please  do keep in touch on  here or via  the clubs Forum at;


Chairman MMFC

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