Our Flying field is still closed

Hi everyone . I visited the field yesterday for a security check as its near enough to come under exercise !  I was disappointed  to see car track in the grass leading to the pit area . The tracks looked recent . So to whom it may concern the field is closed until further notice in line with government lock-down regs . Please don't bring our club into disrepute by ignoring the rules set out to help our already over stretched NHS. 

other items to report : 
The double lock on the main gate has gone missing probably due to the solar-farm personnel as they have been using the gates far more than us since lock-down .
The small pedestrian gate has been badly bent by some moron .
Finally the grass hasn't grown too much so we should be able to get it back in shape reasonably quickly when restrictions are lifted .

That's all folks 

Hope to see you all in the not too distant future .

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